We believe most creators make great content but don’t know how to monetize their skills, so CreatorSource provides the tools and strategies to easily grow your audience and sign brand deals with brands you love.

Let’s face it, the creator economy is hot right now but there is an overload of (bad) information out there…

The industry has never seen:

  • More brand investment in creators
  • More gurus pitching the latest growth hacks
  • More confusion on how creators can make money

Ashley LeMieux, co-founder of CreatorSource and creator herself for over twelve years, saw how these trends were hurting creators in the early stage of their careers.Ashley

So many friends and followers were making great content for audiences that loved them, but didn’t have the insider secrets for monetization that she had learned through experience and coaches. She thought:

What if I could take all the best strategies for finding, negotiating, and signing brand deals, and make them available to every creator?

So she did. Our team of experts from every corner of the industry – platform executives, talent agents, and other top creators – built an easy-to-use platform that:

  • Optimizes your profile to attract brands
  • Builds your custom media kit
  • Teaches you to price yourself for brand deals with a rate calculator
  • Identifies hundreds of active campaigns you can apply to every week
  • Teaches your tips and strategies from top creators and experts
  • Gives you a contact database and email templates so you can proactively start relationships with your favorite brands

Ashley always says “if this existed when I was first starting out, it would have eliminated years of guesswork, failures, and frustration.”

And now, with recognition and support from national media outlets, leading talent agencies, and some of the best creators on social, CreatorSource is on a mission to empower every creator – no matter how big or small their audience – to start making money through brand deals.


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