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Everything changed for these creators the day they discovered CreatorSource

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$3,500 in six weeks
“The pricing calculator was one of my favorite tools, and I got really practical tips to grow my platforms and engagement.“

Abby Howard

Instagram: @abigailghoward
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$5,500 in four weeks
Before CreatorSource, I had no idea where to start. Signing my first brand deal was the craziest thing ever!”

Niya Esperanza

TikTok: @niyaesperanza
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$2,400 in two weeks
Just by following the first step in CreatorSource, I landed a brand deal in two weeks.

Brooke Carlson

Instagram: @itsmebrookec

CreatorSource was built by creators, agency executives, and talent agents, combining all the strategies needed to grow a following, pitch brands, and sign deals.

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Ever wonder how creators you follow are working with brands you love

While you struggle to figure out where to even begin?

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with how to grow your audience?

Or unsure how to get in touch with brands you want to work with?

What sets the highly successful creators apart are lucrative tools and strategies

Tools and strategies we’ve already used to generate over $75 million in brand deals

And which you can now use yourself to grow your channel, land consistent brand deals, and find financial freedom as a creator.

Have questions?
Don’t worry, we’ve answered the most common below…

Whether you’re an experienced creator or just getting started, CreatorSource can help you grow your follower count and sign more brand deals. 

Now, if you’ve already built up a community – that’s amazing and you should be proud of that! CreatorSource exists to offer creators like you the expert tips and tools you need to leverage your content and audience – whether you have 5,000 or 500,000 followers – so you can generate consistent, steady income. 

Just note: we recommend starting with a base of at least 3,000 followers when signing up. So if you’re still building up your follower count, don’t worry! We’ve created a special FREE “cheat sheet” to help you grow your audience. It includes detailed action items to help you grow your follower count step-by-step (plus, learn about the app that can help you stay on top of all the latest TikTok trends). Click HERE to start growing your audience with these tips.

It’s easy. First, you’ll get taken step-by-step through a complete social account audit. Next, we’ll help you create your media kit and teach you how to price yourself so you never feel like you’re leaving money on the table. Then, you’re going to learn our “secret sauce” for driving immediate revenue – all in the first couple of days. 

From there, you’ll have access to the complete platform, allowing you to reach out to brands you love, confidently negotiate deals, and discover new tips and tricks from some of the most successful experts in the industry. 

And unlike time-intensive bootcamps (which can take up to 4 months) and expensive custom coaching (which can set you back thousands of dollars), CreatorSource makes the industry secrets of creator monetization available to everyone.

Access to the CreatorSource platform is only $69/month. We want you to feel completely comfortable and confident that it’s right for you, so we also offer a 30-day money back guarantee where you can test it out for yourself risk-free!

Yup – you read that right. If you don’t love CreatorSource and see the massive value in it after a month, you can get a full refund.

The CreatorSource 30-day money back guarantee allows you to test the platform out for yourself risk-free and make sure it’s right for you. We also have live chat support and are happy to schedule strategy calls to get you on the right track.

That being said, you can cancel your membership anytime.

Honestly, you don’t need huge follower counts to start making money as a creator. We’ve seen creators with under a thousand followers generate four-figure monthly incomes through UGC campaigns. However, a larger audience is the easiest way to command higher rates and more interest from brands. So we recommend building an audience of at least 3,000 followers before launching your creator income journey.

We recommend participating in gifted campaigns under two circumstances only.

  1. You love the brand and want to build a relationship. Keep in mind, there are still ways to transition gifted offers into paid partnerships (and our platform has an entire training on it).
  2. You’re looking to build confidence quickly. If you’re just getting started with brand deals, you may want to get a few campaigns under your belt (not to mention logos for your media kit). Go ahead. Do a couple. Get some experience.

Want to receive our best response tips for turning gifted offers into paid partnerships? Click HERE to have them sent directly to your inbox!
When brands post your content to their social page, website, and paid ads, you should 100% be compensated. They benefit financially from the massive exposure and sales you are driving. So when brands use your content, here’s how you should respond:

  • “I’m so glad you love my content! I’ve been a fan of (brand) for a while and would love to collaborate together – what’s your budget for content usage rights? And do you have any upcoming campaigns?”
  • “I typically charge a fee for usage rights, depending on where the brand wants to use my content and for how long. Can you share these details? Happy to work something out within your budget.”

Now, there is one exception. If you have a small audience, and a massive brand you love wants to share your content (while tagging you), and you think the exposure is worth it… consider letting them use it for free. However, most brands have a content budget for buying usage rights and are willing to pay – so know your value and negotiate confidently.

If you struggle with pricing, you’re not alone. Most creators struggle with how to price themselves. Your rate for any brand deal should account for posts, usage rights, and exclusivity – while keeping in mind the brand’s overall goal and budget.

Enter the CreatorSource Rate Calculator. Our proprietary calculator removes the guesswork from pricing, so you can confidently set rates – and never again worry if you’re leaving money on the table.

Yes! The CreatorSource system walks you step by simple step through the growth process.

  1. Optimizes your profiles with a comprehensive social audit.
  2. Customizes your media kit so brands will be begging to work with you.
  3. Sets rates for you – so you never have to worry about pricing again.
  4. Practically generates income for you when you use these tested and proven strategies.

Once you’ve mastered these 4 steps, you’ll access trainings from industry-leading experts and proprietary tools to help you land partnerships with your dream brands.

If you’d like to talk through your monetization strategy with a CreatorSource expert, book a free 15-minute call HERE! We’re happy to take a look at your account and get you started with some immediate recommendations to scale your creator income.

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